I am an Associate Professor in philosophy of science at the University of Salzburg and an external member of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. I am also Associate Editor of Foundations of Physics, an international journal devoted to the conceptual bases and fundamental theories of modern physics. I am a founding Trustee and current Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer of the Philosophy of Physics Society,  which maintains the open access journal Philosophy of Physics.

Patricia at Seven Pines

My areas of specialization are general philosophy of science, philosophy of physics and, more specifically, philosophy of statistical mechanics and complexity sciences. My research in general philosophy of science focuses on scientific explanation, reduction and emergence, and the role of idealizations in science. In philosophy of physics, I work primarily on the foundations of statistical mechanics and philosophical problems raised by phase transitions. I also work on the application of physics methods to economics and on the role of analogies and idealizations in model building in economics as well as in other social sciences. Apart from this, I am interested in complex sciences approaches to biology, and in the use of analogue experiments and simulations in science, especially in the context of black holes. If you would like to learn more about my research projects, you can contact me by email at patricia.palacios@plus.ac.at